SEQUEL blight English patch

The latest English patch is version 1.3.0, released on the 18th of June, 2021.

Latest patch download: MEGA

This patch works on the Japanese version of SEQUEL blight, purchasable on DLsite (R18).

To install the patch on a fresh Japanese-language copy of the game, see this guide.

Old versions: MEGA folder

6 thoughts on “SEQUEL blight English patch”

  1. Hi! I have just installed your patch for SEQUEL blight as i have finished the 2nd game and wanted to start over from the first.

    So i just installed and found that the wordwrapping is all messed up and there is no sentence out of being cut.
    Is this normal from the translation or did i just made something wrong during installment?



    1. Sorry for the late reply, I very rarely check my blog because no one ever contacts me through here.

      There should be no wordwrapping issues in the game. If you’re playing on Windows, you may want to try reinstalling the RPG Maker runtime environment package that is linked in the readme.

      If you’re not playing on Windows, I can’t help you.


          1. Yes, that’s not what the font the game should use looks like.

            If you’re sure you installed the right RTP: try to extract the patch into your game directory again, overwriting everything. (You don’t need to extract the game archive again.) The title bar should read “SEQUEL blight ver.2.10 // English translation ver.1.3.0” when the patch is installed correctly.


          2. I’ve been informed that this issue can be caused by installing the patch on the Chinese version of the game. Please ensure that your game is the Japanese version (ie. the one I’ve linked above on the page).


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